Badges to Win or Earn for FREE!

Till now you have been receiving various virtual badges with different website while interacting on those sites. But here in your interaction on the website will make you earn real badges for the first time.

How will you earn these badges?

Your activities on funkymagi website starting from your first login on the website, share links on facebook, etc will make you earn these super cool badges.

Here are the various activities listed that will make you earn these fun badges:

1. Your first login on the website will make you earn the first "Funk You" badge. (Click here)

2. Your first purchase on the website will make you earn "I am Funked" badge.

3. Your purchase more than Rs2500 will make you earn "Parental Advisory Shopaholic" badge. (Click here)

4. Invite friends on our Facebook Fan Page and get atleast 10 friends like FunkyMagi facebook page to earn "Funkymagi.coM Likes You" badge. (Click here)

5. Share FunkyMagi facebook page on your facebook profile wall and share it with atleast 20 close friends on their facebook wall and earn "Sharing is Caring" badge. (Click here)

6. Want to be a brand ambassador of FunkyMagi? If you invite all your friends from your facebook friend list and achieve to have atleast 20 or more friends like FunkyMagi facebook fan page you earn the "Brand Ambassador" badge.

7. If you share a innovative concept or idea for a badge with us and your idea gets selected you get a "Creativity Inside" badge

8. On you next birthday you get a “Caution Bumps & Cakes Ahead” badge.

and lot more free badges coming up..

How do you redeem the badge you have earned?

You will receive code for each badge you have earned. All you have to do is add a product to the cart and go to the checkout or order page where you will find vouchers. You apply you code and the badge gets added to your cart. And if you wish not to buy the product you have selected, simply delete that product from the cart and claim only the badges that you have earned.